Who Owns Drudge Report?

Drudge Reported initially was created in 1995 as a gossip column that focused on Hollywood and Washington, D.C. Later on, Matt Drudge, the owner of the platform began an e-mail based newsletter with using his connections with industry and media insiders to break stories. The platform became widely known by the public after being the first news source to break Monica Lewinsky scandal to the public.

Currently, the Drudge Report gets more than a billion pageviews a month, making it one of the most visited places for news and media. Matt Drudge has been the focus on criticism multiple times in the past for not being a journalist nor newsgatherer he admits that he isn’t and refers to himself “a purveyor of gossip”. Another thing that draws a lot of attention is the number of people visiting the Drudge Report on a daily basis. Drudge Report is believed to have more than 20 million unique visitors a month, earning the owner around $15 to $20 million annually. This may not sound much considering how huge the platform is but Matt Drudge has little to no editorial and tech support, so his costs are at a very low spot.

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