September 2019

September 2019 is definitely going to be an interesting month as we will enter the last quarter of the year. Now that the 2020 Elections are even coming closer, we will see lots of announcements from the candidates on how much they raised for their campaign and it will give us a good idea on the scale of support they are getting. Although Joe Biden is at the top of all the polls, Elizabeth Warren is catching up. This can be due to the promises on climate change she has made in the recent days but we will certainly hear more from.

A couple of days from now, Elizabeth Warren will be coming face to face with Joe Biden for the first time in the upcoming debate. It is definitely going to change the opinions of many Democrats as there is a divine between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and people haven’t been yet decided who to vote for.

Also, the Labor Day events will be held and we will see a more political approach to this special day as the elections are shaping up the American news. All and all, September is looked to be the first month where we are going to talk about politics for the most part but the recent natural disasters striking to South America will surely be something to discuss.

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