Election Polls December

The U.S. elections are being talked more than ever as the third Democratic debate has come to an end. There wasn’t much in common between the candidates since they all have their separate ways to change the healthcare system, but one thing that they all agreed on was that President Trump needs to go.

We will see whether he gets re-elected or not, but first, off, let’s take a look at what polls say on both Democratic candidates and Trump.

Democratic Presidential Nomination Polls

A large number of news agencies in the United States share their polls to the public regularly. On all polls, we can see that Biden is leading by far with 7 points on average and some polls even suggest that he is leading by 15 points. Here is how Biden and others stack up in the national polls.

Economist261425862Biden +1
The Hill261415662Biden +11
Politico322020752Biden +12
Harris331815453Biden +15
NBC2719236142Biden +4
ABC281923642Biden +5
Fox News311921642Biden +10
Monmouth232023952Biden +2

The polls hadn’t seen much shift, we can clearly see that Elizabeth Warren is becoming more and more popular among the American voters. While the Democratic debates continue, the favorability of President Trump seen another fall this month.

Donald Trump Favorability:

  • Favorable: 42.1
  • Unfavorable: 54.1
  • Spread: -12.0

If you want to compare this month’s polls with previous months, you can navigate to our 2020 Presidential Election Polls September to see what happened at the beginning of the last quarter.

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