Drudge Report App

Drudge Report is undoubtedly one of the most visited websites not in just news coverage but in general. It ranks as 48 in Top 50 visited websites in the United States. The only way to reach and read some news on the Drudge Report is not the website. There are a bunch of apps that are dedicated to Drudge Report where you can read news and go back browse what’s going on in the world.

Although the Official Drudge Report App has been removed by both App Store and Play Store, you still can get Drudge Report apps outside of these sources. If you’re an iPhone user, unfortunately, but the official app is nowhere to be found but if you’re on Android, you still can get the official app in Amazon App Store.

However, you still can get Drudge Report Apps for iOS but you must be careful with it as there are pirated apps that designed to steal your credit/debit card info. You can download the Drudge Report App from the link below on Amazon Store.

App – Drudge Report

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