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Out of all the ways to visit and read Drudge Report, the app of the news source has been removed from both Google Play Store and AppStore for violating the terms of their service but how did it really do that? That was the question for a while and a controversy appeared around the topic. Although it is hoped that Apple didn’t have to do with this directly, considering the censorship environment of the hour and the days events, it may be more likely to assume Apple has in fact delisted the app from its App Store. Since Apple is an American company and the overwhelming majority of the Drudge Report readers are from the U.S, it may affect the relations between the users and Apple.

When it comes to the Android though, Play Store didn’t make any announcement but the only for an app to be removed from the Play Store is violating their Terms of Service. So somehow the Drudge Report App violated their terms and therefore Drudge Report app was removed, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot have an app on your phone that directly connects to Drudge Report.

Since the official Drudge Report App won’t receive any qualify of life updates, you can download many other apps that work the same on both Android and iOS. You can find these apps in various names such as Conservative News, News Aggregator, Drudge News, Report News, etc. Although it may take a while for you to find a Drudge Report App that works just fine, you can visit our dedicated article on where to find these apps for Android.

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