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Drudge Report is definitely all about the conservative news. It has been this way since its first creation in 1995. Although Matt Drudge, the owner of the website doesn’t do any news coverage himself, it is one of the most trusted platforms when it comes to right-leaning and conservative news.

Since Drudge Repor thas been around for more than two decades now, it is a well-known news source for many Americans. Around 95% of the one billion pageviews each month comes from the United States while the rest is equally distributed. This means Drudge Report is ahead of so many news websites and actually ranks at #36 spot when it comes to news.

If you want to learn more about Drudge Report or if you’re already a daily visitor, we highly recommend using an RSS Feeder to keep track of the updates that constantly happen to the website or downloading app for better user experience. You can get both from the links below.

Drudge Report – RSS Feed
Drudge Report – App

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