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Drudge Report App Removed from App Store and Play Store due to violating their policy. If you don’t know what Drudge Report is, let us lift the rock you’ve been hiding under and explain. It is a website that is run by Matt Drudge, sharing right-leaning conservative news links. Now that the app of this website has been removed from both mobile stores, there are still a bunch of Drudge Report apps that connect the users to the website, it is important to keep in mind that none of them are official.

Surely, the liberal media doesn’t like conservative news to be collected and shared through the internet to millions of people and this type of restrictions are expected to happen. Although it is hard to get a hold of the iOS version of the official app, you still can download the official Drudge Report app from the Amazon Store for Android devices.

You can visit our article on how to download and install the Drudge Report App on mobile devices from the link below.

Drudge Report – App

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