2020 Elections

Drudge Report 2020 Elections is going to be a big part of the website as the date is coming closer and the polls are showing very controversial numbers. Joe Biden currently definitely is the favorite in most states but now that Pete Buttigieg has raised almost $25 million in the second quarter, he is getting a lot of attention. Sure, this type of figures are nothing for big-time politicians like Barnie Sanders or Joe Biden but for a man that nobody knew about six months ago, this is a huge success and could lead to some bigger events in the near future. His time at the debate talk gained him great recognition and being the youngest person in the race could gain him some extra leverage.

Since the polls are clearly stating that Trump is unlikely to be elected again, 2020 elections are going to be talked a lot about. You can visit Drudge Report Official Site to get a hold of the polls, the debate talks, and many more. Also, we highly recommend either using the Drudge Report app or an RSS as it will give you notifications whenever there is an update on the website. You can get all from the links below.


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