2019 has surely been a busy year for Drudge Report but surely the next year is going to be more special. The highlights of this year have definitely been the changes to the tax code, yellow vest protests in France, Brexit, and the new Europen Parliament.

Now that we’re past halfway through 2019 at the time of writing this post, more things are surely awaiting us until we reach 2020. There are two major sports events that are coming closer. The first one being the Rugby World Cup which will be hosted by Japan this year. It is going to be the first time a country hosting Rugby World Cup outside of traditional strongholds of the sport. There will be 12 matches before the final on November 2.

Other major sports tournament is going to be the World Athletics Championships in Qatar on October 6. It seems like there aren’t going to be much political news until 2020. After all, there will be less time left for the U.S. elections and there will be a clear picture with the future polls on who might win and who might not. 2019 has definitely been busy but it seems like next year is going to be even busier. Stay tuned to our front page to be notified on Drudge Report news!

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